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Will your company win the 2008 C.R.A.P. Award?

There is an award that is being vied for in the international corporate communications arena. It is called the C.R.A.P. Award (Corporate Rhetoric Awards Programme) and
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How I met my sister – An internet tale

I am writing this column from New York where I have come to meet a sister I never knew I had. By the way, I just
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What do you do when your CEO or co-workers swear?

It is the secret question burning on the lips of many of us Jamaican employees. Yet we dare not ask it aloud for fear of
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Employee engagement – Jamaican style

H.R. Manager to employee: Why didn’t you come to work yesterday?”
Employee: My car broke down.”
H.R. Manager: “Why didn’t you call in?”
Employee: “I didn’t have any credit.”

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Getting the right returns from your communications plan

Doctors diagnose medical problems; architects too have building designs from which they erect some magnificent structures, and auditors and accountants (God bless them all!) have structured
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The ROI of Social Media

There is something very delicious about positive instant feedback. Like for example, when you tell someone you love them and there is NOT that awkward, gaping
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Dealing with an Angry Public

These days the world is up in arms. The slightest “wrong move” on the part of an organization results in the swift manufacture of expertly designed
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CEOs’ Salaries: Untold Stories – Part II

I would like to thank all who have been sending me feedback on these columns. Last week’s article on corporate disclosure and CEOs’ salaries seem to
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Would You Fire your Boss?

“Nearly one quarter of U.S. employees would sack their managers if given the chance, according to the latest Gallup Management Journal survey. This is especially true
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The ROI of media relations

Whether we want to believe it or not, along with our shareholders, clients and customers, the media is one of our company’s principal stakeholders. The media
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What’s your company’s corporate culture?

Over 50% of failed mergers, acquisitions and alliances are due to organizational
culture mismatches.- Melcrum Report, ‘Driving A High Performance Corporate Culture’.

A lot can be said about
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Jamaican CEO ‘Speak’

How do you feel when you listen to your CEO speak? Do you cringe if he obliviously massacres the language, adding flair and adventure to the
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Getting it Right – The MD&A

I know I have written many a column-inch about the annual report, but half the story has not yet been told. This week I am riding
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Handling Your CEO’s Communications skills

Kudos to National Commercial Bank’s Managing Director, Patrick Hylton. He was identified as a Jamaican Executive with the ‘it’ factor for communications effectiveness. Please see feed-back
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Would you prefer a male or a female boss?

It is the never ending water-cooler talk – do women make better bosses than men? Given the choice, who would you rather work with? Some men
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The ‘Snappy’ solution for employee communication

I would like to wish Jamaica a speedy recovery from the effects of Hurricane Dean, even as I write from ‘Katrina’ city, New Orleans, which has
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The Deadly Sins of Employee Communications

Sin No. 1: Not thoroughly communicating big news to employees—before alerting the media.
I think this sin is self-explanatory. How would you like to go to work
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