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RO Communications e-Training

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RO Communications e-training, through its cadre of highly skilled local and overseas facilitators will offer relevant training that they can readily  translate into action in the workplace. Our team of experienced professionals ensures employees meet the communication challenges of today’s complex workplace. Our specialists have expertise as leadership coaches, English-language teachers, writers, editors and authors.

RO Communications e-Training offers  a blended e-learning system giving professionals the opportunity to access professional continuing education in communications  to strengthen skills needed for career advancement.  
Employees are busy with many daily tasks and are often  unable to find the time off during the work day to upgrade a particular skill set. Lectures are structured to give the participants time to absorb the learning material and practice through regular contact with the facilitators and guest lecturers.   


Computer System Requirements

 You must have computer access with:

  • Processor Speed 1Ghz Or Higher
  • Minimum 1 GB Ram
  • Windows 7, Vista Or XP  With Latest Service Pack Updates
  • Current Version Of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Or  Google Chrome
  • Current Version Of Adobe Flash Player
  • Internet Access Required With Minimum Bandwidth Of 256K Or Higher
  • Audio And Video Capabilities
    • A head-set microphone is required to participate in web meetings or webinars
    • Optional:  webcam
  • Adobe Reader



  • Effective Business Writing
  • Social Media Marketing For Businesses
  •  Basic Elements of Public Relations
  • Financial Writing
  •  Fundamentals of Media Relations
  •  Crisis Communication
  •  Introduction to Report Writing
  • How to write a Strategic Communications Plan
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication for Managers
  • Speech Writing Essentials
  • Communications for I.T. professionals
  • Fundamentals of Project Management 

Carole Embden-Peterson, Blackboard, Angel, Moodle  and E-college Certified and Experienced Adjunct Instructor,  Dept. of Communication Art Institute of Atlanta.
Monique Morrison Allen, University Lecturer - English,
Communications and Modern Languages.


  • Desmond Allen – Executive Editor, Jamaica Observer
  • Colin Steer – Experienced Journalist and communications adviser.
  • Beverly Josephs (ABC) – Well-known PR Practitioner and Communications Lecturer
  • Dr. Grace Virtue – International Author and Communications Specialist
  • Suzette Mc. Naught PMP – Project Management Specialist
  • Yvonne Grinam-Nicholson (ABC) – Accredited Business Communications Specialist
  • Ewan Shaw  – Lecturer UTECH (School of Business Administration) 

Address:  40 Shortwood Road, Shortwood Professional Centre, Unit #14, Kingston 8
P.O. Box 2052, Constant Spring P.O.
Tel: 876-925-4529 or 876-807-1140
e-mail: yvonne@rocommunications.com

Tele:(876)925-4529 Fax:(876)941-1209 Mobile:(876)807-1140 P.O.Box 2052, Constant Spring P.O., Kingston 8, Jamaica W.I. E-mail: yvonne@rocommunications.com